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    Port Site Suture System Trocar

    Provides accurate placement of sutures using original port site incision.


  • Revolutionary ratchet screw driver handle allowing unequalled cleanability.
  • Unique cervical soft tissue retraction system allows independent and asymetric control of soft tissue pressures.
  • Innovative modular anterior lumbar retraction system with maximum protection of soft tissue and vessels

Signature Orthopaedics prides itself on novel product innovation and managing the product throughout its life cycle, from computer design to design verification, through to proof of clinical concept, market release and end-of-life. This process of evolving designs from concept and through clinical evaluation has been achieved by engaging with surgeons and orthopaedic companies. Signature Orthopaedics has a proven track record in bringing leading-edge innovation to the market.

Signature Orthopaedics also prides itself on producing high quality custom instruments and devices. Our talented design team is experienced in working closely with surgeons to develop instruments or implants tailored for specific requirements. We are also able to validate designs through various methods of prototyping, as well as produce documentation required to protect intellectual property.

Signature Orthopaedics can strengthen your design and add significant sale value to the end product. For proof of clinical concept requirements, talk to us at Signature.

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