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This website is designed to ensure the most up to date Instructions for Use are easily accessible. Instructions for Use should be reviewed before using or implanting a device, or performing follow-up care. Please retrieve the relevant Instructions for Use by following the directions below.


  1. Verify that an electronic Instructions for Use is available for your particular device by locating the "eIFU indicator" as pictured below. Note that not all products have electronic Instructions for Use, and that these products alternatively include a hardcopy Instructions for Use within the product packaging.
  2. eIFU Indicator
  3. Identify the first 5 digits of the product's reference number from the product's labelling, as highlighted in the picture below.
  4. reference
  5. In the table below, identify the relevant electronic Instructions for Use row by finding the first 5 digits of the product's reference number in the Reference Number column.
  6. Download the electronic Instructions for Use by clicking the appropriate language link.


Hardcopy Instructions for Use are available free of charge, within 7 days upon request. Please contact Signature Orthopaedics customer services at ifu@signatureortho.com.au or by calling +61 2 9428 5181 to request a hardcopy.

It is recommended that the most up to date Instructions for Use is downloaded from the table below; however, previous Instructions for Use releases may be found here.

It is recommended that the electronic Instructions for Use are viewed using the latest version of Adobe reader, downloaded from here.

It is recommended that the electronic Instructions for Use website is viewed with the latest version of Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari or Internet Explorer.

Instruction for Use Product Reference Numbers Jurisdiction Issue Date Revision Language
111-142-002 Hip Systems 111-25, 111-21, 111-06, 111-12, 111-22, 111-17, 111-02, 111-18, 111-24, 111-16, 111-15, 112-01, 111-23, 111-20 Europe, AustraliaApril 2021AG English Italiano Francais
111-142-004 Hip Systems USA 111-12, 111-15, 111-18, 111-20, 111-23, 111-02, 111-16, 111-19, 111-21, 111-24, 111-25, 111-29, 111-34, 111-27, 111-42, 111-44, 111-45 United StatesSeptember 2021AF English
121-132-016 Active Knee System IFU10-151, 10-152, 10-153 Europe, AustraliaMay 2021I English
121-051-003 Soft Tissue Fixation 121-05, 242-15, 191-03, 121-08, 191-18, 191-29, 192-24, 20-001, 121-18, 122-09 Europe, AustraliaJune 2021Q English
131-111-001 Spinal Implants 131-01, 131-03, 131-08, 131-05, 131-19, 131-07, 131-14, 131-23, 131-27, 131-28, 131-29, X31-01, X31-02, PK-23, 31-02, 131-16, X31-07, ES-1, X31-06 Europe, AustraliaJuly 2021W English Deutsche Italiano
191-051-500 Osteosynthesis Plate System 191-05, 191-24, 10-001, 20-001, 5510 Europe, AustraliaOctober 2020GEnglish
191-07-0901 Foot and Ankle Implants 191-07, 191-21 Europe, Australia October 2020 G English
192-111-001 Drill Bits 192-11, 192-07, 192-13, 192-16, 112-05 Europe, AustraliaOctober 2020 HEnglish
111-072-357 C2 Base Hole Cover 111-07 Europe June 2021 C English
W31-062-001 Arlington PLIF/TLIF CagePS1-03United States October 2020EEnglish
W31-04-0002 Brisbane and Gladstone ALIF Cages PS1-23, PS1-01 United States October 2020D English
W31-091-004 Anterior Lumbar Plate IFU PS1-09, PS1-10, PS1-11 United States October 2020D English
121-07-0100 Genius Total Knee System 121-07United StatesApril 2021 I English
911-012-100 I Knee Total Knee System 911-01EuropeOctober 2020 F English Francais
121-200-039 World Total Knee System USA 121-20United StatesNovember 2021 DEnglish
131-13-0108_Pedicle Screw IFU131-13, 131-32 Europe, Australia, United StatesOctober 2020 D English
W31-161-004_Anterior Cervical Plate IFUPS1-16United States October 2020DEnglish
191-332-002 Augment Range IFU191-33 AustraliaOctober 2020D English
132-021-700 Curvy System IFU 132-02 Europe June 2021 H English
192-340-001 K-Wires and Steinmann Pins IFU KW-0, KW-1, KW-2, SP-2, SP-3, SP-4, SP-5, 122-09, 199-19 Europe June 2021 D English
111-37-9005 Fusion Taper System IFU111-37, 111-22 United StatesApril 2021F English