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Instruction for UseIssue DateRevisionLanguage
121-051-003 Soft Tissue FixationOctober 2015EEnglish
121-051-003 Soft Tissue FixationJuly 2016FEnglish
121-051-003 Soft Tissue FixationJanuary 2017GEnglish
121-051-003 Soft Tissue FixationOctober 2017HEnglish
121-051-003 Soft Tissue FixationDecember 2017IEnglish
121-051-003 Soft Tissue FixationJanuary 2018JEnglish
121-051-003 Soft Tissue FixationFebruary 2018KEnglish
121-051-003 Soft Tissue FixationJuly 2018LEnglish
111-142-004 Hip Systems USAJune 2016IEnglish
111-142-004 Hip Systems USAOctober 2016JEnglish
111-142-004 Hip Systems USAJune 2017KEnglish
111-142-004 Hip Systems USAMarch 2018LEnglish
111-142-004 Hip Systems USAMay 2018MEnglish
111-142-004 Hip Systems USAMay 2018NEnglish
111-142-004 Hip Systems USAMay 2018OEnglish
111-142-004 Hip Systems USASeptember 2018PEnglish
111-142-004 Hip Systems USAOctober 2018QEnglish
111-142-004 Hip Systems USANovember 2018REnglish
131-111-001 Spinal ImplantsNovember 2015IEnglish
131-111-001 Spinal ImplantsDecember 2016KEnglish
131-111-001 Spinal ImplantsDecember 2016LEnglish
111-142-002 Hip SystemsJune 2015KItaliano
111-142-002 Hip SystemsJanuary 2016MEnglish
111-142-002 Hip SystemsJanuary 2016MFrancais
111-142-002 Hip SystemsJanuary 2017NEnglish
111-142-002 Hip SystemsJanuary 2017NFrancais
111-142-002 Hip SystemsJanuary 2017NItaliano
121-07-0100 Genius Total Knee SystemsFebruary 2017BEnglish
121-07-0100 Genius Total Knee SystemsJune 2017CEnglish
121-07-0100 Genius Total Knee SystemsMarch 2018DEnglish
W31-04-0002 Brisbane and Gladstone ALIF CagesOctober 2016AEnglish
W31-04-0002 Brisbane and Gladstone ALIF CagesJune 2017BEnglish
W31-062-001 Arlington PLIF/TLIF CageSeptember 2016AEnglish
W31-062-001 Arlington PLIF/TLIF CageJune 2017BEnglish
W31-062-001 Arlington PLIF/TLIF CageSeptember 2017CEnglish
W31-091-004 Anterior Lumbar Plate IFUDecember 2016AEnglish
W31-091-004 Anterior Lumbar Plate IFUApril 2017BEnglish
191-051-500 Osteosynthesis Plate SystemMarch 2015BEnglish
191-051-500 Osteosynthesis Plate SystemSeptember 2017CEnglish
191-051-500 Osteosynthesis Plate SystemSeptember 2017DEnglish
191-051-500 Osteosynthesis Plate SystemMarch 2018EEnglish
191-07-0901 Foot and Ankle ImplantsFebruary 2016DEnglish
191-07-0901 Foot and Ankle ImplantsDecember 2017EEnglish
121-132-016 Active Knee System IFUNovember 2016AEnglish
121-132-016 Active Knee System IFUMarch 2017BEnglish
121-200-001_World_Knee_System_IFUFebruary 2017AEnglish
111-37-9005 Fusion Taper System IFUJan 2018AEnglish
131-13-0108 Pedicle Screw IFUMarch 2018AEnglish
W31-161-004 Anterior Cervical Plate IFUApril 2018AEnglish
111-072-357 C2 Base Hole CoverAugust 2016AEnglish
192-111-001 Drill BitsOctober 2015EEnglish
911-012-100 Knee SystemsJuly 2016BEnglish
911-012-100 Knee SystemsJanuary 2017CEnglish
911-012-100 Knee SystemsJanuary 2017CFrancais